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How does alcohol affect us?

Drinking alcohol will affect us all in different ways. Alcohol is a depressant so will slow your body down.

Find out all the effects alcohol can have on your body

Legal Highs or Lethal Highs?...

Calling Psychoactive Substances "Legal Highs" is confusing for people because it suggests that they are safe and always legal. There is no way of knowing what chemicals are in these substances or how ill they might make you feel or what effect they will have on your body.

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55% of children and young people said that they use the internet every day

Are you keeping yourself safe when you're online?

Did you know...

When a cigarette is lit and starts to burn it releases over 4000 different chemicals.

Get the facts about smoking

What is solvent abuse?

Solvent abuse is the “sniffing” of everyday products such as glue, cigarette lighter refills, aerosols, petrol and cleaning products to get a "high".

Find out more about the effects of solvent abuse

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